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Embrace the hustle! Can per diem shifts make you enough money to afford a fall vacation?


Do you have a full-time nursing job, but are still trying to figure out how to make ends meet? Maybe you’ve been wanting to take a vacation with your family or a weekend get-a-way with some friends? Per diem nursing can help you make it happen!

The Strategy Behind Talking with a Patient's Family Member


Even if you have several years of nursing experience, talking with patients’ families can be one of the most difficult parts of your job. Effective communication in any job is critical, but has a greater importance for those in the healthcare field.

Is Shyness Affecting Your Patient Care? Overcome Shyness with These Three Tips


If you’re a naturally shy individual, practice these three tips for improving your communication with patients.

Want To Make Some Extra Money? Per Diem Nursing May Be The Answer!


Want to make some extra money? Per diem nursing jobs may be the perfect fit for you!

Lost Your Passion For Nursing? Three Ways to Reignite Your Spark!


To avoid burn out, you’ll want to take action to put your professional career on the track for continued success, learning and growth. Reignite the passion you once had with these tips!

Working the Night Shift? Follow These Tips for Spending More Time with Your Kids


Creating a healthy balance between work and your personal life requires a firm commitment to eliminating distractions and scheduling time for just your family. Get your family life back on track with these tips.

The Awesome Benefits of Per Diem Nursing During the Holiday Season


With the holidays approaching, many of us become focused on family, friends and festivities. Making extra work commitments may be the last thing on your mind, but have you ever considered taking on some per diem shifts?

Understanding Respiratory Care Week...And How You Can Get Involved!


Respiratory Care Week, held this year October 23-29, 2016, is an internationally recognized week honoring the contributions of respiratory care professionals around the world.

12-Hour Shifts? Don’t Neglect Your Health on the Job!

Don’t Neglect Your Health on the Job!  | Medical Staffing Network

It can be very overwhelming to maintain a healthy lifestyle while working irregular hours, especially during 12-hour shifts...If you don't properly plan ahead!

Gauging Empathy in Candidates During a Job Interview

Measuring Employee Empathy | Medical Staffing Network

Two key questions that can help you determine if a candidate exhibits enough empathy to meet the needs of your team and patients in your medical unit:

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