A thankful client sends a note

A thankful client sends a note

Hometown Highlights
Cross Country Medical Staffing Network
September 16, 2019 11:50 AM (GMT-04:00)
Hometown Highlights

Below is a note from the DON at one of our clients

"Good morning Nicole,

I just wanted to let you know that you have 2 amazing LPNs that are working for our center. Theresa B. and Aaron F. are working on the overnight shift currently. They are doing a fantastic job!! Aaron has been acting as lead LPN and taking charge of the building and he and Theresa make a wonderful team. It’s a struggle not having an RN on overnight, but they keep the place calm and the residents safe and that is very much appreciated. Very early this morning we had a resident pass away and Theresa spent a lot of her time with the family helping them through their grief. They were very thankful to have her and had so many positive things to say about her. We are blessed to have them in our building and I sleep very well at night knowing that they have everything under control. Thank you for providing us with your very best employees and know that they are appreciated! Have a great day."

Cassandra F., DON

Submitted by Nicole Holoday, BM in Albany

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Real Talk
"Great experience. Every staff is very helpful with clear and genuine interest to be of help in landing a desirable job match. I am very happy with the relationship so far. Thank you for the opportunity!" - Francis RN