From a MSN Nurse to a client DON partner

From a MSN Nurse to a client DON partner

Hometown Highlights
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September 16, 2019 11:05 AM (GMT-05:00)
Hometown Highlights

We have a great relationship with our fast growing client. Mary, the DON, actually used to be an agency nurse for us at CCMSN before she got her permanent job. She had a great experience and knew we would be able to help get her facility up and running with staff. We now work with 5 different locations!

Mary’s location has been open for a few months and she sent this note:

"Thank you for all the great assistance you and your team have provided for us. You have helped to make our new start a success!" - Mary B., DON

Submitted by Lauren Hartford, BM in Seattle

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Real Talk
"Great experience. Every staff is very helpful with clear and genuine interest to be of help in landing a desirable job match. I am very happy with the relationship so far. Thank you for the opportunity!" - Francis RN