Submitted by the Nicole Meyeraan, Branch Manager in Oakland, CA

Submitted by the Nicole Meyeraan, Branch Manager in Oakland, CA

Hometown Highlights
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July 10, 2019 14:32 PM (GMT-05:00)
Hometown Highlights

Destiny Davis, Recruiter, received these beautiful flowers from one of her healthcare professionals with this note: "To the best, hardworking recruiter who's always on it! Thank you, Destiny, for all of the help you have given me. I owe you more than these but hopefully this will show you my appreciation. Yours Truly, Jermaine“

This healthcare professional was approved for an assignment, but then had a hard time financially trying to renew his CPR certification so that he could start work. Our office decided to help him out and pay for the CPR class so that he could start the assignment. Now he has been there for 2 months and is doing a great job. He is very appreciative of Destiny’s hard work to get him the job and her on-the-job coaching she provides him!

Submitted by the Nicole Meyeraan Branch Manager in Oakland CA

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Real Talk
"Great experience. Every staff is very helpful with clear and genuine interest to be of help in landing a desirable job match. I am very happy with the relationship so far. Thank you for the opportunity!" - Francis RN