Top 5 Reasons to Download the Marketplace App

Top 5 Reasons to Download the Marketplace App

Top 5 Reasons to Download the Marketplace App
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May 06, 2022 08:12 AM (GMT-04:00)
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Have you used the Marketplace app yet? If not, don’t miss out any longer!

If you’re set up to work per diem shifts through Cross Country Healthcare, the Marketplace app is your go-to for all of your scheduling needs.

Here’s why we love Marketplace and why we’re convinced you will too:

  1. You can manage your career on the go. With the Marketplace app, you can find, book and view your per diem shifts any time you’d like – with just a swipe, day or night!
  2. You’ll enjoy a shift feed that has been personalized just for you. You can access per diem shifts you’re approved for, customized for your profession, specialties and facilities.
  3. You can keep your per diem information organized. The Marketplace app allows you to view your current shifts, past shifts and timecards through a convenient calendar view.
  4. You can max out your earning potential. You’ll be able to select the highest paying per diem shifts that fit your schedule, and access shift offers hand-selected just for you.
  5. You’ll have free access to all the Marketplace tools. All these features are available at no cost to you. Plus, you’ll get notifications for shift openings at your favorite facilities, recommendations based on shifts you’ve booked, and 24/7 support from staffing specialists.

About the Cross Country Healthcare Marketplace App

The Marketplace app is for healthcare professionals who currently or who would like to work per diem shifts through Cross Country Healthcare. Download the app, sign up, and after you’ve been through our verification process, you’ll be able to pick up per diem shifts using the app.

Get the free Marketplace app now!

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