6 Reasons Why You Should Take A Per Diem Assignment

6 Reasons Why You Should Take A Per Diem Assignment

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November 19, 2019 04:29 AM (GMT-04:00)
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If you are a nurse, you have career advantages that most other people would envy. Your profession is in high demand, which means you have job security. You spend your days making people feel better, which is why many people consider nursing to be one of the noble professions. Finally, you can enjoy flexibility that most other jobs could never provide, deciding when, where and how often you work and even working at more than one job or hospital, if you have the time and want to earn extra money. That is the beauty of per diem nursing, and here are six reasons you should consider it.

Per Diem Nursing Offers Unmatched Flexibility

What is per diem nursing, exactly? The phrase itself means “per day in Latin, and in the healthcare profession it literally means temporary employment that could be one day or several days, usually filling in for a hospital or healthcare facility’s unexpected gap in coverage. The clinician you are covering for could be out sick or on vacation, and for whatever reason, the facility will need to rely on per diem nurse staffing to cover the gap. This is often a last-minute need, so pay can be at a premium, especially around holidays. Per diem nursing pros and cons can vary by individual, but most nurses would say the best part is the flexibility. Work if you want to, say no if you can’t. Work one per diem shift a month or several per week, it’s all up to you.

Enjoy the Ideal Work-Life Balance

Maybe you’ve been working as a full-time nurse, but for whatever reason, you’d like to slow down the pace a little. Perhaps you have just started a family or are caring for a loved one with an illness. Maybe you or going to school for an advanced degree. Or maybe you would rather spend more time enjoying hobbies that have nothing to do with work. In any of these scenarios, the flexibility of per diem nursing means you get to decide how often you work to create the ideal work-life balance for you. Additionally, per-diem nurses are often eligible for the same benefits, like health insurance and 401(k) savings accounts, as regular, full-time employees. This can vary depending on which staffing company you decide to work with.

Expand Your Nursing Skills and Knowledge

Maybe you are happy working at your current facility, but you’d like to learn a new technology or work in a teaching hospital to expand your skillset. Per diem shift work is an excellent opportunity for you to explore these options, without the need for a permanent commitment. You may discover that you like the new technology or facility so much that your career path changes direction. Choosing to advance your career in this way is yet another one of the benefits of working per diem.

Work For More Than One Hospital

Another great opportunity that per diem nursing provides is the ability to work at multiple facilities. This is great if you want to work in different areas of a city, or just like to explore a variety of clinical settings. Some people need the mental stimulation that a constantly changing work environment can provide. If you are one of those people, per diem nursing will be right up your alley.

Try a New Specialty or Facility Before You Commit

Some people value stability so much so that it can be an impediment to their career growth. For example, maybe you want to change your specialty or the facility you currently work in, but you are afraid you might regret it and lose your stability. Per diem nursing is a great way to explore these options beforehand. You can pick up a few shifts trying something new to decide if it’s something you’d like to pursue full-time, without having to risk the stability you already have. When you find something different that you really enjoy, you can make the career leap knowing you’ve done your research to ensure it is the right move for you.

Earn Extra Money

Everyone wants to earn extra money now and then, whether you want to pay off your student loans, plan your dream vacation, or make a big purchase such as a new car or home. Many people also like to earn extra money for the holidays. You may be worried that working too may shifts in your full-time facility could lead to burnout, which would make earning that extra money more difficult. Working per diem nursing shifts is the perfect way to build up your bank account by working a lot or a little until you save what you need.

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